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Geo Fencing Automation Marketing Company in Mohali

Geo Fencing Automation Marketing Company in Mohali – Are you staying in Mohali and thinking to start your new business? If the answer is yes, we have the best software for you through which you can attract customers and the maximum amount of profit. Now with the help latest automation marketing tool, you can attract multiple of customers towards your business.

If your search is for the best Geo Fencing Automation Marketing company, then you are at the right place, then feel free to contact us anytime by dialling 9888719497 or 7973761934. You can also send us your queries through e-mail Pranav@bldsindia.com. And we will try to provide you best service.

Geo Fencing Automation Marketing Company in Mohali

What Is Geo Fencing?

If you are running your own business and wondering what is geo fencing, here we have the answer to your question. Geo Fencing is the setting which is done within the boundaries of specific location or locality to target the maximum number of people as soon as someone enters or leaves the target location. Geo Fencing is software which helps you to attract a maximum number of customers towards your company or store.

The software also helps to target the competitor and /or locations where you will see your target audience. The moment you activate your device and collect IDs of respective person, the advertisements will then be shown to your target audiences smartphone. This is a kind of marketing technique to attract the audiences. This is a solution on its own. The basic motive of this software is to generate enough interest and strengthens the loyal customers.

Why Should You Choose Geo Fencing?

If you have your own clothing or food store in North Country Mall, Mohali and you want to attract more customers then there is no better way than choosing a geo Fencing Automation. It has multiple benefits for the company. Here are some of the benefits mentioned below

  • Engage Local Shoppers:-  The software helps to engage the local shoppers towards the shop. The technology geo fencing helps companies and businesses to promote their product and services by tracking locations. This software uses geographic locations of smartphone users when they enter a defined location and send messages to them. Nowadays, companies and mall use this technology to promote their products and services.
  • Better Targeted Deals:- By targeting the local customers, retailers and entrepreneurs can tailor for their benefit. If you have geofencing software then the ads generated by this software for the target people will pop up in any app within the specified area and attract the local buyers. The pushing traffic to the local stores with the targeted deals can benefit many businesses.
  • More rewards:- If the movement and behaviour of the customer are clear to you then you will not only able to provide them with the customized offer but you can also give them a personalized experience. Through geo fence, you can also detect the VIP customers who are present in the store and treat them nicely.
  • Offers Good Analytics:- The software can also help the businessman in collecting the accurate data for proper analysis. By using these data analytics can assist companies to understand the exact increase in their percentage of sales from offers.

Demand Of Geo Fencing In Mohali

The demand of geo fencing is increasing day by day in Mohali. Every businessman wants to expand their business and wants to earn an unlimited amount of profit through it and the best techniques to earn the maximum profit is to attract customers towards your company. If you are staying in Mohali and running your own business then we suggest you to choose Geo hence to gain more and more profit. Now this is the time to choose geo fencing so that you can avail all the benefits.


If you just started your business and looking for the best technique to attract more people, then we have a perfect solution for you. Now you can also avail all the benefits of Geofencing and earn an unlimited amount of profit. For any other information, feel free to contact us.

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Name – BLDS India (Best Geo Fencing Automation Company in Chandigarh)

Address – 87,Subhash Nagar, Manimajra,Chandigarh

Phone Number – 7973761934

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